10 Holiday Gifts I Love for Natural Health and Prevention

10 Holiday Gifts I Love!


The holidays are right around the corner and most of us are spending lots of extra hours as home. I experiment with many home or personal use items. Some I love, some I don’t. This is a list of some of my favorites you will find in my home, office or both. They price range is from smaller to larger amounts but there is something, or several things, for all. I hope you enjoy browsing.


1) Pique Tea 

I met the Pique tea owners Simon and Amanda a few years ago and I was impressed. Since then I drink 4-5 glasses of tea a day (black in, green next, and herbal the rest of the day). They are organic tea crystals that dissolve right away in hot or cold water. The quality is unmatched. There are many choices perfect for holiday gifts. Have a look at their inventory here.

2) Home infrared sauna

I learned of the health benefits of infrared sauna about a decade ago and have had home one at home ever since. My favorite is the full spectrum Sunlighten Impulse I have in my bedroom. You can learn more about it here.

If you are looking for a smaller, portable, and less expensive home infrared sauna option, please check out this option that is great.

3) Portable Ozone Unit (in your sauna etc)

Ozone is “triple” oxygen and can support health when used properly. I started using this portable unit in my sauna while sweating but now I use it in my office, kitchen, and even car and airplane rides to purify the surroundings. This is a gift of health you can learn more about here.

4) Red Light Panel

A hidden gem of science is the massive scientific data supporting photobiomodulation (PBM), also known as red light therapy. I have studied this field and shopped the market for the best product after talking to experts. It is clearly www.redtherapy.co and I have the 720 panel which I use every day. I work out in front of it. Learn more here. There is a discount at checkout using the code Drjkahn.

5) Power Plate Whole Body Vibration

I first used a Power Plate at my gym and then learned there were home models. Like PBM, whole body vibration has a lot of published human science supporting health benefits. I use mine and do a yoga flow on it daily along with squats and weights. I love my Move model which I have placed in front of my red light panel 720. There is a discount using the code Drjkahn at www.powerplate.com

6) Air Doctor

Air quality is a serious issue whether you live in Napa Valley or Detroit. I have had an Air Doctor in my home and office for 5 years and love the product. You can learn more here.

7) 3 Months of Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

As you likely know, I have used the Prolon 5 day a lot and many patients have too. It is the most science supported fasting diet program anywhere. If you have never tried it, and do not have a nut allergy, doing a 5-day Prolon once a month for 3 months is a true gift of heatlh. Learn more here.

8) Energy Bits Chlorella

I never miss a day. A pack of 30 Energy bits Chlorella, the organic premier brand on the market. It is 3rd party tested for purity. Chlorella is over 60% plant protein and 40 nutrients. It supports healthy energy and detoxification. The science on chlorella as a food is amazing. Found out more here.

9) Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light? It is part of the spectrum in your home and office lights that can keep you awake during the night. Fortunately, my friend James Swanwick of Swanwick Sleep has daytime and before bed blue light blocking glasses with clear lenses or “readers”. I used the daytime blockers at the office to avoid eye strain and the full blockers for 90 minutes before bed. You can learn more here.

10) Low or no sugar wines

I do not encourage you to drink if you cannot or wish not to, but if you like, wine, most wines are full of sugar. I found Dry Farm Wines a few years ago and love that they test all wines, all European, for low or no sugar content due to dry farm and full fermentation techniques which are old school wine principles. Recently they are hard to get shipped to MI due to changes in laws but they ship to many states. You can learn more here.

I hope these unique and healthy items make your holiday season more joyful. Many are perfect gifts that family and friends will appreciate. I have used or tried them all or I would not recommend them. To your healthy holidays and 2021.

Dr. Joel Kahn

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