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8 Clues to Living Over 20 Healthy Years Extra

Chronic diseases are associated with over 80% of all healthcare costs and are the dominant cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States (US). Lifestyle medicine has been proposed as a potential way to address the root causes of chronic disease.
Jul 29th, 2023

Silent Heart Disease: How Common? How Dangerous? Now We Know

Symptoms of coronary heart disease manifest late in the natural history of atherosclerosis. With the introduction of safe outpatient heart imaging, answers to the questions like "How Common is Atherosclerosis" and "How Dangerous" can be answered.
Mar 31st, 2023

Does the Risk of Early Death Go Up With Skipping Meals? Maybe

A hot topic in the news is the benefits vs risks of fasting. In view of the epidemic of obesity, the safety of this growing trend is an important topic. It would seem that eating less often is safe but prior data questioned this. Are 3 meals a day best?
Jan 14th, 2023

Why You Should Know About French Maritime Pine Bark (Pycnogenol)

Prior randomized human studies have shown that a combination of the natural agents Pycnogenol and Centellicum have a profound beneficial impact on arteries and regress atherosclerosis. New human data now show Pycnogenol is of value in Parkinson's Disease
Dec 3rd, 2022

Ground Flaxseed as Medicine: A Blood Sugar Benefit to Use!

Food can serve as medicine in some situations. Ground flax seed, about 2 tbs a day, has been shown to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Now a new study shows it can blunt blood sugar after a meal in patients with diabetes.
Oct 14th, 2022

Whole Grains, Not Refined Grains, Promote Heart Health

Nutrition is complex and terms like "carbs" and "grains" are thrown around without precise meaning. A new research report differentiates the impact of refined vs whole grains on heart health. Precise language is required to discuss nutrition.
Oct 7th, 2022

What Does Nutritional Expert Valter Longo, PhD Eat in a Day?

When you talk about the science of nutrition, longevity, and fasting, all must pause and listen when Valter Longo, PhD, speaks up. His brilliance in research and translating it to clinical tools is unparalleled. So, what does he eat?
Aug 27th, 2022

Can Drinking Green Tea Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

The saying goes "food is medicine" but some are more potent than others. Green tea has many benefits and is a part of a traditional Asian diet associated with longevity and health. New data shows green tea is a therapy for lower blood sugars.
Jul 30th, 2022

Can You Out Exercise a CRAP Diet? No you can't!

A tragic death 50 years ago, noted runner Jim Fixx and his Book of Running, presented the question: Can you out exercise a CRAP diet? The latest data indicates it takes BOTH a health diet and fitness to optimize health and lifespan.
Jul 23rd, 2022

HDL-Cholesterol: Is the H for Harmful not Happy Cholesterol?

Over many decades it has been observed that the higher the HDL-Cholesterol (HDL-C), the lower the risk for heart events but newer studies question this. As more data is needed, a large analysis examined this relationship. What a surprise!
Jun 18th, 2022

Legumes for the Win: A Weight-Loss Trial Shows Their Power

Increasing low-fat plant foods and minimizing high-fat and animal foods is associated with decreased body weight and fat loss with legumes having the most notable impact. A low-fat vegan diet can improve measures of diet quality and metabolic health.
Jun 11th, 2022

Do I Need to Take a Daily Aspirin for Heart Prevention

New headlines have brought up again, perhaps for the third time in 3-4 years, that not all adults over age 50 need a daily aspirin for cardiovascular prevention. Where might you fit in to those headlines? It is important to get it right.
May 14th, 2022

Yes, I Do Have an Online Health Course on Longevity

Want to live to 100? Dr. Joel Kahn explains what the Blue Zones, or areas of the world where people live the longest, can teach us about staying healthy. From similar food habits to stress management, find out what they all have in common.
Apr 30th, 2022

Three Lifestyle Studies to Know and Practice: Prevent Not Stent

Please help spread the word that lifestyle medicine prevents tragic and needless deaths. Together, we can make heart attacks a rarity. Parents can have more years with their families. Spouses don't need to mourn a deceased partner. Start today, because it'
Apr 15th, 2022

A Plant-Based Diet for the Health of Planet Earth

“You are what you eat” applies to both human and planetary health. The burden of environmental damage from animal heavy diets is large not only for the risk of heart disease and cancer, but also for deforestation and pollution.
Mar 26th, 2022

A Flexible Spine Predicts Flexible and Youthful Arteries

Fascinating data has emerged in the last few years suggesting that the flexibility of the spine and joints predicts the flexibility of arteries. Additional data indicates that yoga may help maintain our arteries in a youthful state.
Feb 26th, 2022

Living 10-14 Years Longer: The Two Lifestyle Studies to Know

Maintaining five healthy habits—eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body weight, not drinking too much alcohol, and not smoking—during adulthood may add more than a decade to life expectancy. Now new data guides us even more.
Feb 20th, 2022

10 Servings a Day of Fruits and Vegetables: How to Succeed

It does not matter what food philosophy you follow, whether WFPB (whole food plant based), keto, Paleo or Mediterranean, the central piece of all diets promoting health unite at a large amount of plant based servings a day with 10 being the goal.
Feb 13th, 2022

Tomorrow I Will Start a 5-Day Fast. Why? How? Safety?

Odds are you’ve heard about fasting. Defined as "abstinence from eating," the potential medical benefits have increasingly been substantiated in animal and medical research projects and now extend to enhance cognitive function.
Jan 30th, 2022

The Soy Myth: Should you or should you not eat it regularly?

Soybean based foods like edamame, tofu, tempeh and natto are traditional foods in cultures with excellent health and longevity. In the US they have been around for decades but still foreign to most. Should you add soybean based foods?
Jan 15th, 2022

Controlling Stress With 4-7-8 Breathing in Under 90 Seconds

No one escapes the feelings of stress, anxiety and time pressure. A healthy practice to control and diminish these feelings without Rx medication is a tool everyone needs. The 4-7-8 breathing exercise is taught at the Kahn Center
Dec 18th, 2021

The Five Tibetan Rites Yoga Flow for Health and Flexibility

Maintaining spinal flexibility combined with a breathing practice is the core of many yoga practices. The Five Tibetans are an ancient and simple yoga flow that I have practiced for years and years. Perhaps it is one habit you can add to your daily routine
Dec 5th, 2021

Staying Positive and Upbeat Everyday Using Simple Skills

In a world that bombards us with negative news, it is crucial to learn skills to protect your attitude and outlook and keep it focused on the positive. Here are some tips that work at the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity
Nov 28th, 2021

Ditch Your Fear of "Carbs" and Starch: Keep it Whole

The idea of eating a high "carb" diet has been so demonized that some will avoid and apple or beans for fear of gaining weight or becoming diabetic type 2. Nothing could be further from the truth if you keep it whole.
Nov 14th, 2021

Glowing Skin, Glowing Arteries: Simple and Safe Steps Now

What is collagen? Collagen is the protein that forms connective fibers in tissues such as skin, ligaments, cartilage, bones and teeth. Collagen also acts as a kind of intracellular “glue” that gives support, shape and bulk to blood vessels, bones, and
Nov 6th, 2021

Check Your Earlobes Now To Assess Your Heart Health! Really!

Sadly, heart disease still causes more deaths in the Western world than any other condition. Early detection is key and can involved exercise tests, CT scans, and lab studies. Yet, looking in the mirror is one of the most powerful steps to do.
Oct 30th, 2021

Myths About Vegan Diets: Pitfalls to Avoid for Health

A number of people have identified veganism as one of the biggest trends in health. The reality is that the number of persons identifying their diet as plant-based or vegan is growing larger and larger. Yet, veganism must be done "right".
Oct 23rd, 2021

A Young Heart Requires Aged Garlic: A Science Superfood

The nutrients derived from whole plant foods repeatedly show health benefits. Some have unique science data and garlic is one of those. Research has shown that the concentrated components of aged garlic, even odorless, are a powerhouse for the heart
Oct 16th, 2021

Vitamin C and Lipoprotein(a): The Evidence for Benefit

Lipoprotein(a) is an inherited cholesterol particle effected 20-25% of all persons on the planet and it can harm arteries and heart valves throughout life. Standard therapies currently available are not approved for lowering this particle.
Oct 9th, 2021