5 Steps To Live Longer: With Recipes

I spent at least 50% of my time this week in my preventive cardiology clinic answering one of 2 questions from patients across the USA. The two questions are:

1) Why have I never been told that I could improve my health by changing my diet?”

20 It’s OK I have added meat and butter back into my diet since my heart attack, right?”

The lack of nutrition counseling in the current medical system (read more about this here)  and the “keto craze” (read more about this here) are huge deficiencies that must be addressed by as many practitioners as possible. However there is no need to wait for your health care provider to get a Master’s in Nutrition. Here are 5 simple steps to start today and for the next month to see how your health can be upgraded 100%.

1) Study Recommended Food Plates World Wide

I have written before on the universal agreement about recommended food choices as represented by “food plates” previously. Study the food plates suggested by the USDA, Harvard School of Public Health, government of Canada and others. Since 2011 there is unity that guides rational food selections for optimal health.

2) Watch the documentary Forks Over Knives

Since 2011 the documentary Forks Over Knives has been educating and inspiring the public to connect their food choices and their  health and has been a catalyst for change for so many. I have had hundreds of patients walk out of my clinic with a copy of the DVD or a note to watch it on demand. Once you have viewed the movie, visit the website for the amazing collections of inspiring stories of healing, educational pieces, and recipes. There is a meal planner you can use for advanced kitchen success. If you want bonus points, also watch What The Health and The Game Changers Movie. 

3) Master 3 Recipes

You need to eat. Simplicity and flavor will win the day as you make changes. You do not need to attend culinary school to plan for success. Here are 3 recipes you can master today and repeat daily for an instant upgrade.

  1. Overnight Oats with Chia (Breakfast)


2) Chickpea and Baby Beet Salad (Lunch)


3) 30-Minute Chili (Dinner)


4) Upgrade Your Hydration

Drink filtered water, teas and black coffee in glass or stainless-steel containers and omit fruit juices and sodas (avoid sugar substitutes). Avoid all plastic containers, wraps, microwave plastics, and plastic bottles. Invest in a reverse osmosis system for the home like the one I have at the Kahn Center. 

5) Stay a Student

These first 4 steps are all you need for a complete health makeover starting today. However, staying a student from credible sources will keep you focused and provide you an online community to support you. Sign up for emails at www.forksoverknives.com, www.nutritionfacts.org, www.pbnsg.org, www.pcrm.org, and www.bluezones.com. If you have the time, watch You Tubes that I publish and those by Dean Ornish, MD, Neal Barnard, MD, John McDougall, MD, Neal Barnard, MD, and those found on VegNews and Plant Based News. Subscribe to my podcast, Heart Doc VIP and follow my social media, particularly Dr. Joel Kahn on Facebook along with the Kahn Center Facebook page as well. 

That is all you need to start today on a new path and a 100% health upgrade in the next 30 days. The most important determinant for your health and longevity is the diet you choose, followed by absence of smoking, good sleep and manage stress, obtaining regular fitness including standing and walking. 


Dr. Joel Kahn

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