A Healthy Meal Plan to Upgrade Your Health Journey

Whole Food Plant Meal Plan: Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity 

Herbal tea options are burdock, chamomile, Ceylon cinnamon powder, dandelion, fennel, hibiscus, lemongrass, milk thistle, nettle, rooibos, rosehips, and other herbal teas not containing any sugar. It’s best to choose certified organic, this minimizes your exposure to thousands of pesticides.

Breakfast suggestion #1

Breakfast suggestion #2

Lunch and Dinner


“Proten” list: (Protein is a macronutrient, Food is Food, Chickpeas are Chickepeas)

Beans: 200-250 grams cooked/canned (3-4x a week)

black, chickpeas, edamame, kidney, mung, white

Lentils:100-200 grams dry weight (1-2x a week)

Black, brown, green, red, yellow

Tempeh: 125-250 grams (1-2x a week)

Tofu: 125-250 grams (1-2x a week)

Soft, firm, smoked

Mushrooms: 150-300 grams (1-2x a week)

Oyster, portobello, shiitake


Starch list

Potatoes: 100-200 grams white or yellow potato

Wild blend rice: ½ -1 cup dry/1-2 cups cooked


Vegetables: 200-300 grams

Lettuce:200-300 grams


Fresh & dried herbs & spices

Fresh/frozen fruit


Dr. Joel Kahn

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