Dr. Kahn’s Approach to Men's Sexual Health (Erectile Dysfunction)

Dr. Kahn’s Approach to Men's Sexual Health and Microcirculation


Evaluate: Vascular Risk Factors

Top 3 Lifestyle factors:

Inherited/Family History:

Lab Measurements:

“Check their heart health, because erectile dysfunction is the canary in the coal mine.”

Treat: Recommendations

My most powerful interventions:

Supplements I Use

When do you use Arterosil?

I will try Arterosil with all patients. Men with sexual health concerns are desperately seeking improvements, and I want to help them. Arterosil is unique as the only endothelial glycocalyx supplement backed by research.

In men with erectile dysfunction, three factors that lead me to recommend Arterosil include:

Arterosil Dosage:

Initial Dose: 1 tablet twice a day 

Maintenance dose: Same 

Discontinue: At least a six month trial

Measure: Progress Monitoring

I’m looking for improvements in the following measurements in men:


My patients have had improved success, with or without erectile dysfunction medication.
Engage: Patient Compliance

Educate up front about the reasons, the anatomy, and the importance of endothelial health.

Biggest Tip?

“Give them hope. Use a multimodal approach like Arterosil and GAINSWave shockwave therapy along with the home device Phoenix Pro”

“Check their heart health, because erectile dysfunction is the canary in the coal mine.”


Dr. Joel Kahn

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