Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium: "Heavy Metals" to Know

In the industrial world in which we live we can run but we cannot hide from all toxins that can rob us of our health and vitality. However, armed with adequate scientific information, we can avoid many toxins and strive for optimal health. A group of health stealers are the heavy metal toxins. These include the big four of mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium.  These metal compounds are found in the earth’s crust but play no role in human health. Indeed, they have been associated with a range of illnesses in children and adults including cardiovascular disease (

High levels of lead in the water in Flint, Michigan, roughly an hour north of where I practice cardiology, has raised awareness of the presence and risk of toxic metals ( Other city water sources are now being implicated as sources of toxic heavy metals and a home water filtration system, as I have in my home is recommended.

Just because you don’t live in Flint or other cities with known contaminated water supplies does not mean you are safe.  There are additional sources of heavy metals to be aware of and avoid.

Here are four sources of heavy metals to consider for your health.

Recommendations for the purchase of rice lowest in arsenic are available (


We no longer live in the Garden of Eden and a fund of knowledge of toxic environmental pollutants is not optional. Persistent organic pollutants or POPS are abundant in the fat stores of fish and other meats and are related to heart disease, diabetes mellitus and dementia ( Pesticides and herbicides are abundant in our bodies from eating conventional farmed products and switching to organic products for just 1 week can have a profound effect in lowering levels in tissues ( Plastic bottles, thermal receipts and canned foods expose us to bisphenol-A and bisphenol-S and interfere with our endocrine function.

We can now add toxic heavy metals to the list of environmental pollutants to avoid so that your bodies can perform the miracle of self-healing and maximal performance so you feel good every day. While there is no controversy over the recommendation to never smoke, perhaps it is no longer wise to teach a man to fish along with cooking bone broth or rice.

Dr. Joel Kahn

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